Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project Calendars

We have now added support for project calendars. This allows you to create events and display them to people who browse your project page.

When you go to a project page, you will see an "Events" panel on the rhs. In this panel is a 1 month calendar, by default the current month, and a list of events for that month underneath. If you click the left and right arrows at the top near the month and year text you can move backwards and forwards one month at a time. This is done inplace via AJAX so you don't have to leave the page to quickly see events near the current date.

There is a link at the bottom of this panel called "more info" - this will take you to a page where you can browse project events in a larger format. Full event descriptions are available here.

So who can add an event? Project admins and community admins for the community in which the project was originally published. How do you add an event? If you have permission you will be able to click a day on the calendar directly to create an event for that day. Otherwise, click the "add event" link at the bottom of the calendar on the project page.

What can you specify for an event? Lots of things:
1. Date
2. Title
3. Description
4. Event type (workshop, conference, etc)
5. More info website
6. Facebook event page
7. Location - both general (text) location and a specific map location
8. A member of the project to act as a contact for the event

What can't you do?
1. Specify an event that runs over more than 1 day
2. Specify a time of day for the event (though you can mention this in the event description)

What is coming up?
1. Support for events at the community level.
2. Notification support. For example, you could say "email all project members at 7 days and then 1 day from the event reminding them of it".

Any feedback or suggestions for feature enhancement most welcome!

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