Monday, March 29, 2010

Testing Times for PlaceStories

PS3 Beta went live for testing this week. Thanks to the folk from Digital Landcare, Pollinate and Center for Health Equity communities who were first to dip a toe last week. 3.0 is a completely new version of the PlaceStories system built from the ground up by Feral Arts to provide all the web publishing and viewing for content created and published through PlaceStories. The Beta Test is scheduled to run until the end of May 2010 when all content from the existing communities will switch over.
For the 1,500-odd existing PlaceStories members your profiles and story content is all accessible in the new system as part of the beta test. New features will come on line regularly during the Beta test and we will announce those through this Blog.  
3.0 has some great new features - too many to detail here. Some of the biggies that PlaceStories veterans will really appreciate are:
  • full screen map viewing and search of stories and members in google maps and earth
  • more story types (postcards, youtube, vimeo) published direct from the website
  • better social network integration (facebook, youtube, vimeo, flickr, twitter, soundcloud, skype) 
  • simple publishing tools and model to more easily share stories and projects
  • in place text editing
 If your are new to PlaceStories and keen to have a play - great! Just register here and give it a go. There will be some new help materials published shortly.