Friday, June 18, 2010

New Feature - Community Welcome Email

You can now write an email message that is sent to any user who joins your community. This could be very useful for introducing general concepts about how they cna best contribute to your community, and should be a great tool for getting new users up and going quickly.

You can define a welcome email on the community settings page (admins only).

New Feature - Community Discussions

This is another cool feature. Communities now have "discussions". Discussions are like simple forums based around a topic. Any member of a community can start a discussion, and other members can join in. It has full threaded reply capabilities, and you will get email notifications when someone replies to one of your comments. You can also apply visibility levels to a discussion - you can either make it public, or just for your community to see. A community can have as many discussions as it wishes.

The active discussions are listed on the community home page, in the main column underneath stories.

New Feature - Project Documents

This is a cool new feature. You can now add documents to a project! They will be displayed on the project page, and users can either view the documents in their browser, or download them for local viewing and/or editing.

You manage the documents via a Project Settings page, and anyone who's a member of the project can add a document.

Your document can be either a link to a URL (eg you may have some PDFs on another website you wish to link to), or you can upload a document from your local computer. You can attach any type of document or file, but we imagine it will mostly be PDFs, Word, Excel or Powerpoint. PDFs and Powerpoint files can be viewed via google's doc viewer inplace in your browser - other file types such as Microsoft Word will have to be downloaded to be viewed.

We feel this will add a lot of value to projects. For instance, you might attach official reports about your project, so users can get more information about it, more than what they might glean from your stories.

Missing features/coming soon:

- add the same capabilities to communities
- provide the ability to 'update' an already uploaded file - currently you would have to delete then create a new document

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Front Page and Logo

Some of you may have noticed that the main page at has changed. It looks a lot more vibrant and engaging. Well done Tom!

We have also changed the font of the main PlaceStories logo to a more cursive font. How do you like it?