Friday, April 23, 2010

A Change To Our Creation Wizards

The creation wizards (story, project, project-event), used to have "prev/next/done" buttons at the bottom of each page. We feel this lead to a couple of problems, namely:

1. A lot of the time those buttons were off the bottom of the browser page and so you had to scroll to see the click them. For users not used to the wizards it would have been a bit confusing figuring out how to submit the form.

2. Users seeing these buttons on the first screen weren't even considering inputing data in following screens/steps. This data, whilst optional, was still fairly important. For example, it was optional to geolocate a story. However, if a story doesn't have a geolocation, then it won't appear on the map.

For these reasons, we have made the following change. The "prev/next/done" buttons have been removed altogether, and a final "step" up the top has been added, and it's called "Done". We hope this will make users at least consider inputing data at all steps in the wizard. Also, you don't have to scroll the page at all to submit your new story/project/project-event. We feel this will work better as a user interface.

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