Thursday, November 4, 2010

Activity Feed Widget

We now have a new widget for communities, the activity feed. This widget allows you to embed a scrolling list of the latest activities happening on the community. You can check it out on the community widget page, it is widget #2.

Some Main Menu Additions

We have added some handy links to the main menu. The "community", "project", "stories" and "map" items now have a "my ..." entry in their dropdown menu. This provides a quick way to look at your own communities, projects, stories or map.

The "map" dropdown menu is also aware of its context, so, for instance, if you are on a community home page, then there will be an item called "map for this community" so you can quickly go to the community map.

A New Home Page

We have put together a new home page, which is designed to showcase content from across the system. When you are logged in, it is the page you go to when clicking any of the PlaceStories logos (ie, it is the page at the root url). When you are not logged in, the landing page with the collection of dolls is the root url, but you can go to the new home page still by clicking the "home" link at the bottom.

This new page will evolve over the next short period of time, so any input is welcome.