Sunday, May 30, 2010

Widgets for Projects and Communities

One of the main design goals of our new system is to allow the simple embedding of PlaceStories data on external websites. An example of this type of data sharing is the all-too-familiar YouTube embed - you simply set some configuration options, then copy and paste an HTML string into your blog or website, et voila, a YouTube video appears. In a similar way you have been able to embed a PlaceStories story (whether that story was a postcard, a PlaceStory created with our software, a Vimeo video etc).

Now we are happy to announce that you can embed more sophisticated widgets into your website. If you go to a community or project page, you will see a link called "widgets" hanging around underneath the project/community title. Clicking this link takes you to a widget page for that project or community. On this page all the available widgets are listed, with some sample screenshots and a brief description to help you choose the right widget. Once you have found the widget you want, click the "Configure this widget" link, and a list of configuration options will appear. Set these options to customise the widget to your liking, then copy and paste the provided embed string.

At the moment there are only two types of widgets, a story/member badge, and a map. The story/member badge is a great way to showcase stories and folks. It even allows you to view individual stories and member cards inplace. The embeddable map is exactly like the map page at PlaceStories, only it defaults to the stories or members of the project or community. You can browse content and start tours in the same way you can at the map page on the PlaceStories site.

There are more widgets in the pipeline, the next one being an activity feed for a project or community.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bug Fix: Seeing Stories Whose General Visibility is "Private"

In PlaceStories you can set a story's general visibility to "private", which means it is only visible to a given user via projects or communities that it is published to. Thus, the visibility of the story inside the project or community will then ultimately decide if a given user can see the story or not.

There was a bug in the system whereby a story whose general visibility was "private", but was published into a project, wasn't visible to any members of the project (apart from the creator). This is wrong and has been fixed.

Also, we are considering changing the term "private" (as applied to a story's general visibility) to something more logical like "controlled".

Bug Fix: Issue With Embedding Stories Fixed

There was an issue with embedding stories in external websites. When viewing the external web page in Firefox or Safari or Chrome, the story may not have been the correct width and height. This has now been fixed!