Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Lot of Has Been Going On!

Wow, it's been a couple of months since the last post, and a lot of new code has been written! You may have noticed the site has undergone a whole new redesign, new colours, new layout, and new features. We hope you find the changes visually pleasing.

Also of note in recent times has been the addition of "project featuring" - simply browse the projects for a community, and you will see a "Feature Project" or "Unfeature Project" option in the context menu. This is for community admins only. Featured projects can be viewed in the project carousel on the community home page. And remember, you can also set the default view mode of this carousel in community settings (it doesn't always have to be "latest" initially).

Another cool widget has just been written. It's the community and project "like badges". A simple badge (not too dissimilar to its facebook counterpart) you can embed on your own website that says you really like this community or project, and the user can quickly click the link and go there and check it out more for themselves. If you go to the widgets page for your community or project, you will find it as the first widget on the page. Enjoy!

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