Monday, July 12, 2010

Facelist for Community Pages

Well, it's been in the pipeline for a while, and finally it's done. The community page now has two new features, a project carousel and a story grid. These replace the fairly mundane 'lists' that were the old display method.

The project carousel displays 6 projects according to the selected filter. You can view "latest", "featured", "most popular", or a "random" selection. Basic information about each project is displayed, with handy links to all the major pages related to the project (map, widgets, contact, stories, members).

We have also added a story grid viewer for stories. You can view stories either in a thumbnail grid, which allows you to view stories inplace, or as a list. And like the project carousel, you can change the filter applied to the selection of stories, "latest", "most popular" and "random". Viewing stories inplace on the grid is a handy and quick way to get a taste for the stories of a community.

If you want to see these new features in action, visit any community home page, or check out the content at the Disseminate community,

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